Net Revenue Management

Improving ROI through a winning customer strategy

As customers become more sophisticated and powerful, the perceived cost of doing business and historical product promotions can be better managed through a holistic programme that results in the effective redeployment of trade investments to winning customers.

Skarbek has the experience and expertise to uncover and unlock the potential of your Gross to Net line, increasing net revenue and profit, simultaneously improving capabilities and compliance.

  • To address all forms of customer investment recorded under Gross to Net, including discounts, rebates, commissions, free goods and returns, etc.
  • To deliver at least a 2% - 5% improvement in Sales (as indicated by market research), with benefits flowing through to Profit
  • A strategy for each of the priority groups of customers
  • A fit for purpose Net Revenue Management Playbook that includes:
  • Building visibility and structure of current Gross to Net spend
  • Insightful analytics on investment and sales trends
  • Best practices in key account management
  • Review of key customer arrangements and potential restructuring
  • Identification of capability and compliance gaps
  • Future customer strategy options and risk assessment
  • A clear concise action plan to improve Return on Investment from the top customers
  • A tangible size of prize from executing the agreed actions
  • A plan to address in-house capability gaps and compliance issues
  • Agreed KPIs and monitoring mechanism
Skarbek in action
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