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DNA transfer ensures timely expansion of an established brand in new Asian markets

A Skarbek effect case study

A leading UK manufacturer of consumer healthcare products was looking to expand its geographical reach rapidly, led by the launch in China of its flagship product with a long heritage. The foundations laid will enable wider expansion for the lead product, line extensions, and sister brands, resulting in a dramatic growth in international sales.

Skarbek case study
The needs

The client lacked an embedded project management ethos, and the necessary hard and soft skills to be able to successfully drive new ways of working between the client HQ and the local team. A first attempt to execute a similarly ambitious launch involving cooperation between their recently merged global entities failed and for this first successful attempt, they needed a new role-model approach to embed the capability ahead for future growth.

How we helped

Building upon an extensive company-wide programme of Skarbek’s Beyond Project Management training, a highly-experienced Skarbek consultant was embedded with the client over a number of months in order to show how the key building blocks of project management are used rigorously to ensure swift progress towards challenging project deliverables. A collaborative virtual Integrated Planning Session was conducted across multiple countries and laid the foundations of a clear path through the complexity of regulatory and logistical hurdles. Through the relentless pursuit of milestone achievement, the product will be launched on time in full, with a second wave of additional products also launched within 2021.

The results

The project is on track to launch with e-commerce sales of imported product across multiple formats, with a pipeline to support in 2021 and 2022. There is now an effective working model created between the two merged identities that demonstrates for the first time they can effectively expand the geographic presence of their brands, generating growth from synergies across the merged entities.

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