Life Sciences

Specialist management consultancy, project and innovation delivery in consumer healthcare, pharma, and biotech.

Skarbek’s deep understanding in pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare and biotech brings experience, capacity and relief to our clients, when and where they need it to achieve their growth plans.

Our specialists quickly roll up their sleeves and work with your people to deliver your most important initiatives – bringing innovations from idea to launch, delivering high-complexity, must-land programmes and orchestrating integrations and restructuring. We are experts in innovation delivery, project management and capability building with impressive track records of delivery in the sector and beyond. We can manage your programmes as well as training and advising, transforming your execution capability and helping accelerate your efforts to fruition.

We do not delegate work to less experienced team members; our people stay the course through to a successful conclusion. Our namesake Krystyna Skarbek sets the example – that individuals with the right mindset can have a strategic impact out of all proportion to their numbers.

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Our sector services include
  • Placement of our experienced project and programme leaders to deliver big-bet initiatives, who will also foster Skarbek ‘DNA’ transfer to leave an enhanced capability behind in your organisation
  • Fully outsourced or interim project, PMO and innovation management capability and emergency turnaround on-call
  • Accelerating, tuning-up and polishing your delivery plans to inspire confidence in your own organisation, external bodies or potential investors.
  • Health-checks utilising our digital platform to assess your organisations’ delivery capability and individual project health
  • Innovation process design, mapping, re-engineering and embedding
  • Knowledge exploitation and after action reviews
  • Training and mentoring in both the hard and soft skills of project leadership, sub-team leadership, and being an effective individual contributor
  • Simulations and scenario-based exercises to make breakthroughs in high performance teamwork behaviours - leadership, followship, communications & accountability
  • Setting up and nurturing a network of change agents to create an execution culture and enhanced delivery capability in your organisation
  • Forensic project analysis
Action in the Life Sciences Sector
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