Skarbek specialists work alongside organisations from a range of sectors

Helping SMEs to FTSEs achieve their goals.

When the complex extraordinary or unfamiliar are slowing growth or when you lack the capacity for a critical task Skarbek will deploy its specialists to help you get the job done at speed and will leave you in a better place. We have been there and done it.

In a world of relentless change we all know that business as usual is not enough to stay ahead. Your job is to deliver sustainable growth – ours is to help you achieve it., quickly simply and positively.

For the first time we all know exactly what the priorities are
Leadership Team Member
Global Consumer Firm

Dirk Schraepen

Experienced program manager, with close to 20 years of experience

James Olsen

Accomplished leader with a wealth of experience in delivering Business Transformation, M&A, Strategy and Commercial Planning

Tanguy Pellen

Tanguy is a recognized expert in crafting strategies for innovation and transformation

Phil Gadie

Expert in the execution of projects, programmes and in organisational risk and resilience management

Gabin Vic

Accomplished and recognised executive with extensive experience in technical innovation and strategic R&D management