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Apollo 11 - Exemplary Strategy Implementation

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Thank you to our wonderful guests for joining us at last week’s event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in the elegant surroundings of the Cavalry & Guards Club in London. There were some fascinating insights from our CEO, Paul Heugh, relating to the challenges of achieving this exemplary strategy implementation, by breaking this down into 3 main components: The Mission, The Machine and The Man.

To go from JFK’s famously inspiring speech back in 1962, reminding us of the scale of this extraordinary mission, to a man on the moon in less than ten years required a programme coordinated and executed at astonishing pace. Developing capabilities and machinery to do things that had never been done before, all in the era of ‘BG’, Before Google!

However, ultimately, the success of the Apollo Space Programme all boils down to the people who made it so and this mission certainly demonstrates a unique achievement in scope, scale, complexity, human ingenuity, creative problem solving and organisational skills at their best.

See below some highlights of the speech: