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Behavioural Alignment Webinar – April 2020

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John Hall, Operations Director, co-presented a webinar last week with Mirror Mirror, sharing insights around how people in remote teams can be more effective. The webinar focused on responding to the dramatic implications of COVID-19 that are affecting people and organisations around the globe, addressing the problems that people in remote teams can typically experience in Behavioural Alignment.

The panel of experts covered topics such as personal transition, effective collaboration, leading and facilitating online processes and obtaining strategic clarity. In particular, John discussed some key lessons behind maintaining alignment within a virtual environment when having to deliver initiatives, such as new innovation to market, where there is a high level of cross-collaboration required.

Panelists included:

  • John Hall of Skarbek Associates (UK)
  • Suzy Giles of Giles Global Communications (NL)
  • Michael Moriarty Leadership and Team Coach (UK)
  • Steve McCann of ReesMcCann (UK)
  • Adriaan Corevaar of Shape Your World (NL)

To obtain a link to the recording of this webinar, please contact