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From Transformative change, post M&A integrations and restructures to focused Cyber protection programmes we understand the Business Services sector and have a record of success within it.

The Business Services sector is facing new challenges – disruptive competition, evolving client demands, new technology and the cyber threat. The majority of attempts across all industries to navigate change successfully fail. People are understandably focused on delivering in their core roles.

Skarbek is well placed to assist your company in the implementation of new strategies. We have recently delivered successful transformations in national and global law firms, assisting them to tackle major challenges including organisational design and management restructuring. Business performance in revenue and PEP confirmed the success of the changes. In response to demand we have developed an expert team to advise and help implement Cyber Strategy. The risks to any data holding firm of a successful Cyber attack could be catastrophic.

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Our sector services include
  • Cyber - Our experts will analyse your Cyber defense and response plans and will work with you to optimise them to ensure you get it right from basement to boardroom.
  • M&A - An unprecedented % of firms are currently considering a merger or acquisition. The most successful mergers look beyond the numbers and into the heart of the plan - we have the experience and knowledge to bridge the gap between the deal and the new management thus greatly enhancing the chance of success.
  • Projects - We will remove the burden of running projects from your internal resources our seasoned professionals understand your business and will bring best practices to your teams.
  • Team development - We work with you to identify the areas that will inspire and build your team’s capabilities. Our challenging and unique training serials are a proven hit with top law firms
  • Change - Whether post an event or simply to help with an internal development. We will ensure a holistic approach to transformational change saving time and money and ensuring best practice sticks.
  • Alignment - To achieve success alignment is essential. With resources tight and with organisations having to deliver across varying geographies we have the knowledge to help you with laser focus - the result is invariably growth.
Action in the business services sector
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