Dirk Schraepen

Key Consultants

Dirk is an experienced program manager, with close to 20 years of experience in leading product launch teams and implementing organisational transformations. Having taken product innovations to billion dollar revenue streams, his expertise and direct, pragmatic approach help untangle and speed up resolutions to complex problems.

Sector and Service Expertise

Dirk has extensive experience in leading transformations in the FMCG sector across Europe and MEA.

He is highly experienced in leading product launch, compliance and profitability improvement programs. He has designed complex organizational transformations of developed businesses to accelerate growth and profitability in multiple sectors. As advisor to visionary start-ups, he understands how to combine the start-up strengths such as innovation speed, with the elements of success and stability of more developed businesses.

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Strengths and Career Achievements

Having been an Innovation/Portfolio Management director at a world leading FMCG company, Dirk brings deep knowledge of what it takes to implement changes at lightning speed and competitive cost. He has a proven track record of transforming challenges into sustainable results. This for “new to the market” product launches, business plan developments and complex organisational transformations. He has lead the growth of product programs to billion dollar businesses, and designed transformations that involved 200+ individuals. The majority of his experience is in global FMCG, more specifically Laundry, Household, Food and Retail. In a senior advisor role, he has guided multiple promising start-ups on a path to profitability. As a keen learner he is holder of 3 university degrees: M.Sc. Engineering, Master in Artificial Intelligence, and Business Economics.

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