Cyber Strategy Implementation

The technology is the start but understanding, training, risk management and communication might be the difference

With an ever-present, ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated threat, cyber security has long been more than the concern of just your IT team. The effects of a data loss, a system shutdown or an IP theft can be devastating so cyber needs to be everyone’s business from the board down. Understanding, education, training, risk management and communications will make a crucial difference to both your defences against and your response to any attacks. There are a myriad of technical solutions available to help protect systems but cyber attacks are increasingly focused on those human dimensions, and it is in these latter areas that Skarbek can help.

Our cyber consultants come with unparalleled experience from the security services and the FTSE 100 and will work with your in-house teams to bring a holistic approach to your cyber strategy. Companies find the credibility of our people and our ability to address their key issues in plain and commercially astute language invaluable.

Our method involves very close cooperation with your in-house teams and leadership. The result is a highly bespoke and focused service. Whilst we concentrate on the human dimension we have the links to ensure that you will have the most up to date picture of the fast-moving technological landscape. That technological capability is important, but where we can make a difference is the ability to assist with the more difficult, often behavioural, aspects of cyber defence and response. Does your organisation really know what it needs to do to minimise your exposure or what to do if the worst does happen?

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Our sector services include
  • We will work with your team to conduct an assessment of your business’s ability to defeat and to respond to cyber attacks. We will look at the difficult things, those that cannot be addressed by purchasing a “black box” technical solution.
  • With your strengths and weaknesses identified we will work up a plan to maximise what is going well and change what needs improving. We don’t believe in imposing standard processes where more nuanced approaches are required.
  • Our cyber scenario exercises for boards and senior leadership will test and challenge your cyber security strategy in a dynamic and exciting environment, resulting in a series of recommendations for improved cyber defences and breach response. We have found that by making the scenarios as realistic as possible, and by tailoring them to your business, they are invaluable to teasing out key lessons and potential improvements.
  • We will ensure your strategy is fully implemented with both advice and direct support. The powerful combination of deep cyber knowledge and our renowned experts in strategy implementation will give you the assurance that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself.
  • We have scaleable digital and practical training as a roll out package to ensure your company understands and can handle cyber issues from basement to boardroom.
  • If you are an SME we can get you started with an affordable package concentrating on behaviour and giving you an ability to prepare your responses to a cyber-attack.
  • We will work with you to develop your Cyber Response Manual which will be your guide and sanctuary should you come under attack.
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