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Case Study

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Cyber from basement to boardroom
Cyber Security
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Top UK cyber experts bring their unique perspectives to the board of a law firm and vital change happens

A Skarbek effect case study

Our expert team ran the board and leadership team of a large law firm through our Cyber Security Programme which involved a capability audit, a bespoke exercise to enhance understanding and to determine necessary actions across the company. With their needs identified we were able to set up a ‘basement to boardroom’ plan to ensure an holistic approach to defeating the cyber threat.

Skarbek case study
The needs

In many companies tackling the Cyber Threat is left to the IT team. However recent history has proven that Cyber security to be successful must be understood by and directed from the very top of a firm. It requires an holistic approach, investment decisions and the ability to act with knowledge and confidence should the worst case scenario become reality. Failure to handle cyber properly can be catastrophic.

How we helped

With absolute commitment from the firm’s highest management we worked alongside their IT team to understand their strengths and weaknesses. With these in hand we created an exercise based entirely on real life events to educate the board on the harsh realities of cyber-attacks. With a progressively more complex and painful scenario we were able to intersperse the valuable lessons of cyber crisis management with the best practice in threat mitigation. Our scenario and faculty brought the best of Government and commercial Cyber security to bare and a plan for improving all aspects of the firms Cyber Security was quickly developed. Where we lacked the necessary technical solution to their issues we were able to recommend the right places and people to get that help. Our team then developed a follow up plan with training, development and testing capabilities to ensure ongoing protection against this ever-changing threat.

The results

The Skarbek Cyber Programme had an immediate impact on the Law Firm’s approach to Cyber. Among the issues upon which action was being taken were the following: The composition and responsibilities of the Incident Response Team; A revised view of internal and external communications; HR issues, policy revisions and an insurance plan. A refreshed look at the use of external providers and a new training regime.

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Thank you for the leadership training, it was really superb and we have already started to put it into action The talks were truly inspirational and we have discussed them many times already as we look for the key messages.
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