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A new outlook
The management of the company enhanced
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A highly successful SME has attracted funding and needed the skills to deliver on its promise

A Skarbek effect case study

A highly successful and growing brand are making the journey from SME to large enterprise. With all the passion and commitment in place the expansion of the firm was stressing their system and confidence was wavering. By running a capability building programme Beyond Project Management Skarbek delivered a process which has armed the company to handle the success.

Skarbek case study
The needs

The rapid growth, growing demand and stress of success had taken the company out of their comfort zone. The CEO recognised the need for some help particularly in taking a small team into a new structure that was capable of handling the increasing demands upon them.

How we helped

Skarbek took a holistic approach to this task starting with a period of gaining a sound understanding of what the senior management were facing. With this in mind we ran a series of sessions under the title ‘Beyond Project Management’. These look at the balance of ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ in successfully delivering projects and match theory with the introduction of Skarbek’s project management methodology. This takes the very best of consulting, standard project management and military planning and turns it into a straightforward handrail for getting tasks done in a timely and successful manner. With the added benefit of leadership, teamship and followership insights the courses enabled the firm’s management to get a better feel for what needed to be done and in what manner. These courses have been cascaded throughout the firm and combined with executive coaching are proving potent.

The results

The results are really a story of growing confidence as the firm transitions towards even greater success with a wider team that has been both educated and invested in. The techniques that have been adopted have speeded up innovation have proved invaluable in getting projects across the line on time and within budget. They are exactly the right blend of art and science to lay really firm foundations for success and the company’s value continues to grow quarter on quarter.

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