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A Skarbek effect case study

A sophisticated and energising event that engaged everyone in something vital – saving lives against the clock. This challenging learning experience provided a precious chance to understand and commit to best-practice teamwork. Participants represented a wide range of stakeholders, struggling to respond to a devastating natural disaster. No-one has a monopoly on information, expertise or decision-making. The only road to success is through intelligent planning and working together.

Skarbek Associates case study
The needs

A team that had come through a painful M&A needed to build their teamwork, resilience and capacity for change. Their delivery of large innovation projects was taking too long and creating unnecessary pain. The team required focus and the breaking down of departmental and functional silos to get behind a common aim and this with a collective spirit.

How we helped

We worked with the team at all levels to really understand the issues they were facing and then adapted our basic model to match their exact requirements. We were quickly able to identify some key themes around communication, confidence and trust as well as issues with process and structure. With these in mind we designed a series of interactive and inspirational talks from outside the business environment from which they were able to draw very relevant lessons and comparisons. Calling on this knowledge base the team were then launched into a highly realistic and sophisticated planning exercise based on a natural disaster scenario. This helped to illustrate and develop best practice in project and task management. In fact the problem can’t be solved unless teams work together, prioritise tasks, take considered decisions, communicate effectively and work hard and with enthusiasm. The team were taken beyond their everyday work and were helped to thrive.

The results

The feedback from this training has been overwhelmingly positive and three out of five senior leaders requested that we conduct the same events for their teams. As we hoped the participants committed to fresh approaches at work to increase productivity. There is also no doubt that there was a significant and positive shift in understanding of and empathy for participants from other sectors of the business. Working practices have been improved – people were inspired.

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Very professional and value for money…did things rather than just facilitated us to do our own work - rolled up their sleeves…sincerity and earnestness that showed they cared about the business as much as we do
Scientific Institute

Rebecca Stephens MBE

First woman to climb the seven summits, inspirational speaker.

Paul Heugh

Senior business leader with formidable global experience in the planning and execution of strategy

Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb KBE, CMG, DSO

The epitome of a Special Forces officer, unfussy, straight talking with a flair for creative solutions

General Sir Michael Rose KCB, CBE, DSO, QGM

General Rose is one of Britain's most distingushed soldiers and a former head of UK Special Forces