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South Pole 2020 Update

Wendy Searle Continues On Her Mission To Break A World Record

South Pole 2020 Updatetest

Wendy Searle was successfully dropped at the edge of Antarctica on 27th November 2019 and is currently on her 720 mile solo unsupported expedition to the South Pole.


Three weeks in and Wendy has passed some big psychological and physical milestones. The pulk is getting lighter everyday now, after making her way through her various supplies. Often skiing 10 – 11 hours a day without sitting down, Wendy has been pushing herself to the limit to remain in line with her timings. Having endured a rough night on Day 5, where a storm half buried her tent, she is now enjoying some pleasant weather conditions. Wendy is making great progress, although the threat of a whiteout tomorrow could prove challenging for her in navigating her way to the next point.


A reminder also that Wendy will be recording data on her mental state during the expedition. Data gathered from the team at Exeter University will form part of a study into mental health at the limits of human resilience. Eventually, scientists hope to map the data and provide interventions from remote locations, which could help aid workers, humanitarian crises and astronauts.


Follow Wendy’s journey here: – Listen to her audio blog on the home page, or read the full transcripts here: