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Within six months
their highest market share ever

Effective alignment of the German Division of a global consumer firm bringing back focus, momentum and growth

A Skarbek effect case study

The German division of a global consumer firm had lost focus and momentum. This was mainly due to a plethora of competing initiatives, poorly aligned with the firm’s overall strategy. The Skarbek team conducted a health-check, analysed the issues and delivered a comprehensive solution in line with the management needs.

Skarbek Associates case study
The needs

There are times when even a highly capable leadership team needs help to maximise the delivery of their initiatives. In this case the Leadership team needed to regain control and prioritise those tasks that were the most important for delivering the strategy. Identification of the key tasks was the first step – particularly as it turned out there were so many ‘wayward’ initiatives. Understanding the situation and then finding a way to manage it was the key need.

How we helped

Skarbek conducted in-depth analysis of the existing initiatives. We discovered, documented and assessed a surprising 240 of them. A number which shocked the Leadership Team who had been so busy fighting the everyday fires that their systems had started to break down. We came alongside the leadership team and facilitated a series of sessions to help them reduce the 240 to 18 key programmes. Once these had been identified we assisted in ensuring they were all closely aligned to the master strategy and finally we prioritised the 18 programmes. We were able to do this using Skarbek team members with real experience of exactly the issues the client leadership were facing. Added to this practical experience was the unique blend of process and inspiration that is the Skarbek hallmark. We rolled up our sleeves and made a tangible difference at a time when the client was in danger of being swamped by the demands upon them.

The results

The results were quite remarkable – the leadership team gained a new sense of control over and engagement with their organisation. Their staff felt greater clarity, purpose and momentum, as well as a new connection with the overall strategy. It is fair to say this was an example of ‘pain relief’. In real terms
within six months, the division had achieved its highest market share ever.

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Leadership Team Member
Global Consumer Firm

Sally Storey

Sally is a strategic and results-oriented leader with over 20 years of experience

Valerie Bobillier

Recognised expert in project management with over 20 years of experience within the FMCG industry

Dirk Schraepen

Experienced program manager, with close to 20 years of experience

Belinda Dolbear

Belinda is a former senior commercial lawyer, with over 20 years extensive experience across multiple sectors

Sean Shrimpton

Highly experienced individual with over 25 years experience in leadership, capability, and strategy