Case Study

Sales Doubled
Share Price Tripled
unparalleled focus from all stakeholders

Implementing strategy for an Indian firm and tripling the share price in the process

A Skarbek effect case study

A major listed Indian consumer company was concerned about its future direction. It enlisted the help of a leading strategy consultancy to examine the opportunities for diversifying its business and accessing new growth opportunities. The consultancy recommended a complex and demanding new corporate strategy but not an implementation approach. A new CEO was brought in to deliver it and he in turn called upon Skarbek for the strategy implementation.

Skarbek Associates case study
The needs

The CEO needed to implement the new strategy and to build support amongst a variety of stakeholders namely the board, the employees and the shareholders. After a flat period the company were under pressure to show quick growth from the multiple new opportunities that had been identified; all this naturally to increase shareholder value.

How we helped

From our base in London Skarbek worked with the new CEO to develop a comprehensive transformation package and then headed into India to deliver it. We worked hard with the leadership team to prepare them and their senior management to lead what was to be a radical shift of direction. We took the very credible strategy from the consultancy and we broke it down into seventeen separate projects. Each of these was then structured, launched and run drawing on the best practices from project management but also with a engaged and aligned leadership overseeing and managing each part. The new strategy was launched in a manner to create the maximum excitement and engagement at every level and indeed it had exactly that effect. We had taken a sound strategy but looked at it in an immensely practical way, bringing the value-add of years of collective experience and the little extra from a team that mixes sector experts, the military spirit of endeavour and the best consultancy techniques.

The results

Within three months of the launch all seventeen implementation projects had begun and were running to schedule. Within three years all seventeen initiatives had been delivered successfully. In this case success was quantifiable as the company had doubled its sales and tripled its share price by successfully implementing and driving through the new opportunities that had been identified three years beforehand.

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We delivered the strategy and tripled the share price – to the delight of the shareholders
Indian Consumer Company

Colette Marquez-Estevez

Programme director with multi-national experience across a wide range of assignments

Lisa Koh

Lisa is a supply chain professional, project manager and senior analyst

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International expert in innovation and strategic marketing

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Saskia is an experienced life sciences & healthcare consultant highly skilled at developing creative strategies and leading successful implementation